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All these internet things and devices, they track me in so many different ways, check it out:

– I use Google Latitude’s location history so I can see where I was at any given day or time for the past few years (“On Oct 16th, you were at Barcade at 11pm”),
– I track all my card expenses on Mint to figure out what I spend the most on (“You spent $50 on Twinkies this month, you are over budget”),
– I use RescueTime to track what applications and websites I use and figure out my productivity levels throughout the day (“Your productivity dropped from 78% to 25% after lunch”),
– I record most of my bike rides and get cool stats (“You’ve ridden 150 miles the last two weeks at an average speed of 11 mph”),
– I tried recording what I ate everyday, my weight and my exercise for some more stats about my physical body.
– I’ve managed to archive most of my files and pictures for the past decade or so (“My Documents\My Pictures\2002” lol windows) and I’ve been slowly moving all this to the cloud.
– For a while I programmed my phone to record in which room of the house I was in during the day (“You sat on your ass 90% of the day, congratulations.”).

I don’t really care that all this info about me is out there on the internet as long as I can access it and keep it private (facebook just barely makes the cut). The tools and the benefits for me far outweigh any privacy concerns. What’s the worst that can happen? they target ads on me? oh boy… I’d say the more data I can extract, record and graph about my life, the better (or the cooler?). What if one day we’d be able to upload electrical activity of our brain 24/7, then algorithms could do their thing, correlate that shit and get stats about our thoughts? (“Last week you were 45% sad, 24% lonely, 60% horny, and 30% of a dumbass.”). Obviously I already know these things from personal experience and a journal would do just fine, but effortless recording of the variables of life always seems so damn cool, like a memory extension for your brain and the accompanying thought process to analyze it (on a website/app). Actually what I’m really waiting for is the ability to upload my complete mind and consciousness to the internet of tomorrow, when it evolves into our hive-mind’s neural network. Or maybe

…or maybe I’ve been spending too much time on the computer lately. blah. too much work, too much internet, not enough real life. yea this is going to be a long winter… I remember a time not too long ago when I didn’t track a damn thing except for the sun in the sky, where I was going to sleep that night and provisions for the next day. No phone or computer, just people. life was good, I didn’t need to track down and analyze stats on how to be happy. I already was.

But hey it’s not a complete bummer. I do like to work and make things on the computer. I just get sucked in it way too much sometimes and kinda forget I’m a human being. No but really, aren’t we all just data? Our thought processes, experiences, brain wiring, everything can be represented as data, we just haven’t figured out how to read it all. OMG I’M JUST DATA. ok back to computerland.

Hacking MessageParty with HTTParty

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